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By now, you’ve probably heard about the new Netflix series “Cousin” from the creators of “House of Cards.”The Netflix series centers on a family in Queens, New York, whose lives are changed forever by a sudden, inexplicable death of their only son.The show has been gaining attention, and has been nominated for six Emmy Awards,…

Published by admin inJuly 29, 2021

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new Netflix series “Cousin” from the creators of “House of Cards.”

The Netflix series centers on a family in Queens, New York, whose lives are changed forever by a sudden, inexplicable death of their only son.

The show has been gaining attention, and has been nominated for six Emmy Awards, and a special-effects Oscar for “Faces Places.”

The series is being released on Netflix this week, and I had the chance to chat with series writer and director Joe Weisberg and star T.J. Miller about their experience working on this show, and what the future holds for the series.

“Cougar Town” premieres tonight on Netflix, but “COUGAR TOWN” is a much more serious show, with its own story and an even darker tone.

“We really wanted to do something that was more emotional,” Weisnger told me.

“The show is about family and people.

It’s not about, ‘Oh, this is a fun little movie.

It will get more serious and dark.'”

In “Couple Town,” the story revolves around the death of the family’s only son, Ryan.

The son is found in a coma, and his mother, who has been trying to help him, begins to suspect something is wrong.

“It’s really dark,” Miller told me, referring to the show’s tone.

Miller and Weisunger had been working on the show for a while.

“Joe and I have known each other for so long, and we knew that we wanted to make a show that was not only funny, but also that we could tell a story that is very, very personal,” Miller said.

“You don’t want to go to a movie theater and think, ‘I want to sit there and watch a film, and then watch a movie,’ or you don’t really want to watch a TV show.”

But as the series developed, the characters became more realistic.

Miller said that he didn’t expect to be so involved with “Cougars Town” for so many years, but it’s been very rewarding.

“I’m always working with the writers, and they come up with such wonderful ideas, and it’s so exciting for me to see what they come to me with,” Miller added.

“If I was writing a story about a child who had been raped or a family member who has had a sexual abuse, that’s very personal, and that’s something that’s so personal and very human to me, and so many of the writers in this room have said, ‘No, that doesn’t fit the story.’

I love being able to tell those stories, because they are just so real and so intimate.”

Weisenger, on the other hand, said that the show has a darker tone because it’s about the loss of a family.

“In the first episode, we are in the house, and Ryan is gone.

We see him lying on the ground, in the hospital, in a hospital gown, and he’s completely alone,” Weiskberg said.

“‘Courier Town’ is not a film.

It is a reality show.”

Weiskenger told The Daily Beast that he thought the characters would have to grow up as adults, and as they did, the tone changed.

“Ryan’s life has changed so dramatically, and there’s this darkness and sadness in his life that is completely overwhelming to the audience.

But we really wanted it to be really relatable and funny,” he said.

In the pilot, Ryan is living in a small house, which is his family’s primary residence.

Miller, who plays the young boy in the show, also noted that the focus of “Coukar Town” is not on the story.

“This is not an origin story,” Miller explained.

“There’s not an arc.

We’re not looking at this like, ‘Here’s who the main character is.

We have to learn who this is.’

We’re looking at it like, where did this come from?

What are we looking for?”

Weisonger said that “Coulson” director Alex Garland had already been involved with the series, and had been shooting scenes for weeks.

“Alex Garland was like, We want to shoot some scenes with Ryan, and see what he’s like, and the way he acts,” Weislunger said.

Garland was also behind “The Walking Dead,” and worked on “Breaking Bad.”

“We’re just in love with this story,” Weiscenger said, adding that the series is the “first time in television history where a show is not just about a movie or a TV series.”

Weislenger and Miller also had a lot in common, as they both have two kids.

“T.J., the kid, has a real passion for acting,” Weiselberg said, noting that the pair has known each

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