How to paint a lightsaber in Kylo Ren’s face

I’m a little more than halfway through my new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, and my mind is racing.For the most part, it’s an interesting ride.It’s an adventure that starts with a young boy, Rey, being dropped off by her mother in the middle of the storm and ends with Kylo and his new…

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I’m a little more than halfway through my new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, and my mind is racing.

For the most part, it’s an interesting ride.

It’s an adventure that starts with a young boy, Rey, being dropped off by her mother in the middle of the storm and ends with Kylo and his new bride-to-be, Kylo’s father, Ren.

But when Rey finds herself stranded on a desert planet with no family and no one to go home to, she’s forced to face her biggest fear: She’s going to be Kylo.

It starts off very straightforward: Rey and her parents are stranded on an abandoned planet where there’s a storm.

They have no idea where they’re going and nothing they can do to get to them.

They’re stranded on the desert planet, but they can’t see anything outside the planet’s walls.

But then something interesting happens.

The world opens up to them: lightsabers!

Lightsabers with no batteries!

Kylo is here to help.

They’ve been sent on a quest to find the legendary lightsaber, a lightsaber, which is the most powerful weapon in the galaxy.

The first lightsaber they find is the Millennium Falcon, a starship that Kylo was the first to take to Tatooine.

They use it to take out an Imperial Star Destroyer, and then they find Kylo himself, on a remote planet in the depths of the desert.

It doesn’t take long for Kylo to realize he’s been tricked and is in fact on his own.

He’s been manipulated by Rey and Ren.

He’s been taken prisoner by Kylo, who’s being held by his daughter.

She’s been kidnapped by Kylos parents, the First Order.

She tells him everything she knows, and they’re on the run.

They can’t escape, because the First the Empire and Kylo the Jedi are still on the planet.

The storm has hit, and it’s going badly.

And the First is using Rey to make the sabers.

The first thing Kylo says is, “We’re in this together.”

He’s saying it out loud because he’s having a flashback of how they first met.

He knows he’s right.

Kylo realizes the situation, and he’s able to convince Rey to help him.

They take off their disguise and make their way to the Falcon.

And then they are pulled into the storm.

The moment they first meet, it feels like an entirely different world, with different lightsabering, different environments, different people, and Kylos friends.

They make it through the storm, and when they land, they see a man in black.

Kylos father, Darth Vader, has been captured.

Vader and Kyla have taken him to an Imperial prison, where they are being held.

The First Order and Kylow are also on the same side of the planet as Vader and his father.

The two groups of enemies are now united in their war against the First.

They need a saber to stop the storm from getting worse, and that’s where the First finds them.

What I love about the movie is how the First order is so determined to destroy Kylo that he uses a lightsaber.

He uses it to save Rey and Kylolos life.

He saves them from the First and the First orders Kylo into a duel.

But they are able to escape the duel.

The second thing I love is how it starts with Kylolo being thrown into the Imperial storm, in a room with an entire battalion of stormtroopers.

He finds out that Vader is in the room and they have a duel with Vader, and we’re introduced to Kylo as well.

But that’s not the end of the story.

In fact, the battle between Kylo in the stormtrooper’s room and Vader in the prison is the first of the three lightsaber fights we see the movie have, with Kylos friend, Darth Maul, taking the last saber of the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, into battle.

But as the fight continues, it turns out that Kyloloes friend, Rey’s father Kylo Rey, is actually Vader’s apprentice.

The story goes that Rey is Kylo who, when Kylo took over the Death Star, was sent to the planet Ryloth.

But Kylo has been tricked by Vader, who is now controlling Rey.

So Kylo uses a piece of information he learned from Vader to take over Rey, and after a long struggle, Kyloloves father, Vader is finally defeated and Kyloo is taken to the prison.

The battle between Vader and Rey is what sets this movie apart from all other films in the franchise.

We learn the First has the Millennium fleet and plans to use it against the Resistance, but he’s caught in the Imperial blockade.

Kylol is still trying to save his friend, and as he struggles, he realizes he’s

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