‘Boomerang’ moment: How it happened and why it matters for 2017

The year is 2017.The year of the presidential election, and the first time the White House has nominated a woman for president.The first time a woman has ever been nominated for a vice president position.And, of course, the first ever Black woman president.We are living through the most important election in U.S. history, but the…

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The year is 2017.

The year of the presidential election, and the first time the White House has nominated a woman for president.

The first time a woman has ever been nominated for a vice president position.

And, of course, the first ever Black woman president.

We are living through the most important election in U.S. history, but the moment the national news media have been given to focus on the election itself, they have had to deal with the biggest story of our time: the moment that all Americans are now being forced to choose whether they are for or against Trump.

And in that moment, we are faced with two choices: We can either remain silent and continue to let the White Houses rhetoric and policies continue to fester, or we can come out and say we will not let this happen.

Or, we can choose to stand up and say: Yes, we will.

If you vote for Trump, you will never see the White house again.

That is the choice the people of the United States are making.

That’s the choice they made on Election Day.

And it is the choices they will make for a very long time to come.

We are watching as the nation’s most important political event, which has been largely ignored in mainstream media, has become the most watched on television.

The stakes are incredibly high.

The country is in deep and immediate danger.

The nation is at war.

And we have no idea how the country will respond.

We have no plan.

And our president is so far off on the road to victory that the American people are paying the price.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t care.

If you voted for Trump on Election Night, you have every right to be outraged.

But we need to remember that our country is at the point where we can’t continue to watch and ignore the politics of division, of fear, of division.

We can’t let Trump continue to dominate the conversation.

We need to keep pushing back against Trump and his policies, even if that means staying silent.

We also need to get out and vote.

And to do that, we need people of faith to step up to the plate and stand up for us.

We’ve got to continue to make this a country where no one who doesn’t believe is forgotten.

We got to make it a country that is not afraid to say, we won’t let the white supremacists and racists and Islamophobes and white nationalists and hate-mongers who are on the other side of this divide get away with it.

The American people deserve to know that their vote matters, that the only choice they have is between the promises and the realities that Donald Trump has made and will continue to keep.

On Election Night 2016, millions of Americans watched the results of the election in the hope that they would finally make history.

That they would see the end of the two-party system and usher in the dawn of a new day.

And then, on November 9th, 2016, a man walked into the Oval Office and vowed to bring the world together.

In the last few months of the campaign, we have seen that promise broken.

The president-elect is in a desperate attempt to fulfill his campaign promises.

His supporters are in revolt.

And his opponents are on a mission to destroy him and his presidency.

But this election has taught us that we are not finished yet.

We must continue to push back against these forces of hate, division, and fear, as the country faces a critical moment in our history.

We cannot allow Trump to be the next president of the world.

And if he is, he will be a president who will make history in the United Nations, and it will be history made by a man who is willing to sacrifice the very freedoms and liberties that make America the country that it is.

We should all work together to defeat this president and the man who has nominated him.

And so, let’s get out there and vote on November 8th.

Together, we, the people, can make America great again.

We, the American People, will have made history.

Read more by Brian Anderson, author of ‘The Rise of the Left: How Trump Is Destroying America’s Freedom’ and ‘The Last Days of Trump: How We Can Stop Him and Restore America’s Democracy.’

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